What are the common types of LED letter signs?

The first type: blister luminous characters

Blister-absorbing luminous characters are made by heating flat plastic hard sheets to soften them, then vacuum-adsorbing them on the mold surface, and cooling them to form them. They are widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.

The surface of the plastic-absorbing luminous character is usually formed by plastic-absorbing acrylic board, and then combined by the base. LED lights or high-voltage lights are placed inside, and the surface technology is in the form of plane, flat drum, ball drum, prism drum, etc. The materials of the box body are tin baking paint, aluminum profile, stainless steel, titanium gold, etc. The literal color can be inherent color plate, spot color or four-color screen printing.

Application scope of blister luminous characters:

It can be applied to all kinds of door signs/signs in shopping malls, stores, stations, hospitals, hotels, corporate doors and so on.

Characteristics of blister luminous characters:

1, the current mainstream luminous word products, there is a very large market space.

2, plastic characters have the characteristics of bright colors, strong three-dimensional sense, durability and so on, with bright colors during the day and mild light at night, which has a very strong visual impact effect. It has a wide range of applications, and can be applied to the front signs of various supermarkets, the facades of public institutions, the internal and external image walls and large luminous signs on the roof.

3. Both acrylic characters and acrylic light boxes have flexible forms of appearance, and can achieve different personalized characteristics according to different customers after creative design.

The second type: all-in-one luminous characters

All-in-one luminous character, also called three-sided luminous character, is a character that emits light all around except the bottom. The luminous surface of all-in-one luminous character is a light-transmitting organic board, which is usually surrounded by an organic board, so all-in-one luminous character is also called an organic border character. The whole body shines, the effect is simple and elegant during the day, and the effect is bright and restrained at night; A girl who is as beautiful and subtle as Qian Li. All-in-one luminous character is a kind of organic technology, which has high technology and is used by many high-end brands, such as Samsung and Hisense.

Application scope of all-in-one luminous characters:

It can be applied to all kinds of door signs/signs in shopping malls, shopping malls, stations, hospitals, corporate doors, etc. Plastic characters are one of the indispensable signs in all kinds of high-end places.

Advantages of all-in-one luminous characters:

1, strong three-dimensional sense, the thickness of the word can be as high as 10CM. Colorful, according to the need, use different colors of organic boards on the side and surface, which can achieve the effect of multiple colors in one word.

2, the daytime effect is simple, generous and beautiful; Bright colors and strong three-dimensional sense. The evening effect is bright and solemn.

3, using LED lights, energy saving, environmental protection, high brightness and long service life. Less maintenance, easy maintenance.

4, the whole body shines-unconventional, fashionable and avant-garde, which is the object of many IT companies. LED lights are energy-saving, green, bright and long-lived, lasting up to 100,000 hours. LED external luminous characters need less maintenance and are easy to maintain.

The third type: plane luminous characters

Generally, the surface of a planar luminous character is flat, and it is encapsulated by an acrylic colored panel. The shell of the character is made of iron or stainless steel, and the LED luminous module is installed inside the character, which is a luminous box character. Planar luminous characters have excellent characteristics such as unique strength, high wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical industry, food machinery, electromechanical industry, environmental protection industry, household appliances industry and home decoration, giving people a gorgeous and noble feeling.

Application scope of plane luminous characters:

It can be applied to all kinds of door signs/signs in shopping malls, stores, stations, hospitals, service industries, enterprise doors and so on.

Advantages of planar luminous characters:

The plane luminous characters have a strong sense of three-dimensional modeling. The content performance effect is lasting, and the weather resistance, color fixation and light transmittance of acrylic materials have become the top grade in advertising materials.

The fourth type: back-lighting luminous characters

Generally speaking, the luminous characters of back lighting are composed of two parts: one is the stainless characters of Seiko (generally supported by high feet, so that the bottom of the characters is 3-5CM away from the wall), and the other is LED lighting. Generally used for indoor image walls, the reason why indoor image walls use back-illuminated characters is because LED luminous characters are too bright if they are front-illuminated. And the LED light is illuminated from the back with back-lighting characters, which makes the light soft and the brightness moderate.

Made with precise laser instrument technology, the products are as meticulous as handicrafts, and the crystal plate on the back has high transparency, crystal-clear as crystal, with a light transmittance of 89%, and the light is soft and not dazzling, which is the first choice for many high-end brand stores. The black titanium shell is made by laser cutting and laser welding respectively, and the crystal bottom plate is made by engraving, tank washing and cutting with a engraving machine. The crystal bottom plate is equipped with a bright LED soft light strip, and the black titanium shell and the bottom plate are bonded and sealed with organic glue.

Application scope of luminous characters for back lighting:

Mainly used in corporate wall, brand stores, corporate background walls, product counters, indoor display signs.

Advantages of back lighting luminous characters:

1, strong sense of three-dimensional modeling, heavy metal texture, noble temperament, everywhere chapter shows style.

2, back lighting LED lights, the light is just right, soft and not dazzling.

3, LED lights are energy-saving, green, bright and long-lived, up to 100,000 hours.

The fifth type: borderless luminous characters

Boundless luminous character is an excellent outdoor luminous character product. Stainless steel and acrylic board itself has excellent oxidation resistance, and its luminous effect is even, which is similar to that of resin word, so it is also called resin word for outdoor use.

Due to the high production cost of resin word and the technological defects of outdoor resin word, it is easy to yellow and change color when used outdoors. In order to solve this problem, the stainless steel borderless word product was extended. Borderless characters inherit the advantages of resin word, which has the same display effect at night or during the day. Compared with resin word, borderless characters are colorfast, easy to maintain and low in cost, so they are more suitable for outdoor use.

Boundless luminous word application scope:

Widely used in brand stores, mobile phone stores, clothing stores, shopping malls, chain stores and other places.

Advantages of borderless luminous characters:

1, no button edge design, the overall feeling clean and comfortable.

2, the light is even, the high-quality acrylic board is polished evenly, and the distant effect is close to that of resin word.

3, strong weather resistance, both stainless steel and acrylic have good weather resistance.

4, maintenance is simple, if something goes wrong, just open the bottom box to maintain it.

Sixth: Old-fashioned luminous characters

Old-fashioned luminous characters are covered by hollowed-out metal glyphs on acrylic boards, and the metal edges are Hong Kong-style, with high technology and great ornamental value. In addition, the forward-looking performance of LED makes this kind of luminous characters popular with customers.

Application scope of old luminous characters:

It can be applied to all kinds of door signs/signs in shopping malls, stores, stations, hospitals, service industries, enterprise doors and so on.

Advantages of old-fashioned luminous characters:

1. Luminous characters have a strong sense of three-dimensional modeling.

2, the content performance effect is lasting, and the weather resistance, color fixation and light transmittance of acrylic materials have become the top grade in advertising materials.

3, energy saving and environmental protection, LED lights are energy-saving, green, bright and long-lived.

4, easy maintenance, almost no maintenance, even maintenance is quite convenient.

Seventh: mini luminous characters

Mini-characters belong to high-grade led luminous signs, which are exquisite in workmanship and high-grade and fashionable in appearance. They are often used for indoor high-grade brand store signs, product counter signs, etc. Mini-characters are rarely used in outdoor environments because they are not suitable for large-size fonts.

Mini luminous word application scope:

Widely used in brand stores, electronic digital stores, hotels, restaurants and other industries.

Advantages of mini luminous characters:

1. High-end fashion: In addition to fine carving with a carving machine, the shell and bottom box of mini-characters are also carefully polished by manual work, which is very exquisite, just like handicrafts, and its front and bottom side glow with a sense of fashion;

2, it is made of polymer acrylic material, which has stronger weather resistance and impact resistance, and good sealing effect provides a suitable working environment for the interior of the font and prolongs the service life;

3. Energy-saving and electricity-saving: the led light source used in mini-characters is energy-saving, and the space effect of mini-characters requires less light sources; Mini-characters belong to indoor high-grade luminous fonts. Using it as a symbol can highlight the high-grade image of your store.

Eighth: stainless steel luminous characters Advantages:

It has the advantages of high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, simple installation and low maintenance cost. Compared with the traditional neon light-emitting characters, it has the characteristics of elegance, thickness, energy saving and beauty.

The production of stainless steel luminous characters needs to go through many strict processes. It can be said that each step is a finely crafted process, and the quality of stainless steel luminous characters is closely related to the production experience. Only fine craftsmanship can produce exquisite stainless steel luminous characters.

Application scope of stainless steel luminous characters:

It can be applied to various door signs/signs such as banks, corporate image walls, hotels, night shows, shopping malls, bazaars, stations, hospitals, service industries and corporate doors. It is a common expression of high-end identification system.

Advantages of stainless steel luminous characters:

1, the light emission is very uniform, and the special light-transmitting uniform layer of stainless steel luminous character material refracts, transmits and reflects light, so that the surface light emission is relatively uniform;

2, the surface of stainless steel luminous characters is round and drum-shaped, with strong arc and strong three-dimensional sense, which can better show the grade of making signs and the surface is very bright;

3, merchants not only seize the opportunity during the day, but also will not miss the opportunity at night. stainless steel word shines evenly at night, and the visual distance is far away, which can reach more than two kilometers;

4, environmental protection and hygiene: stainless steel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, and there is no volatilization of some harmful gases;

5, small and exquisite: stainless steel word of different sizes can be made according to the needs of enterprises and merchants, with small thickness, and the appearance of fonts can be more coordinated regardless of size;

6, strong adaptability, installed outdoors, they are high in strength, impact-resistant, waterproof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, explosion-proof, not afraid of storms and even hail attacks, and can function normally in stormy sunshine;

7, the biggest feature is high efficiency and energy saving, reasonable light point arrangement and effective reflection of light inside the font to maximize the use of light efficiency.

Ninth type: exposed luminous characters

The exposed luminous character consists of two parts: a metal punching character and an LED light source. The luminous character is composed of a perforated character shell and a monochromatic leakage lamp. Punch the whole plate on the machine tool, then cut it according to the font, weld the solid edge, polish and paint it, and then install the LED lamp on the punched hole. The zigzag cutting adopts high-precision plasma cutting, the three-dimensional edge is hooked by a professional grooving machine and baked with high-quality automobile paint.

Application scope of exposed luminous characters:

Commonly used in large signboards, such as luminous signs of real estate buildings, luminous characters of large shopping malls and supermarkets, luminous characters of hotels, large signs of banks, large stores and so on.

Advantages of exposed luminous characters:

1, suitable for mega-projects, such as real estate buildings, large supermarkets, hotels, etc., there is no size limit.

2, the price is cheap, compared with other luminous characters, the exposed characters have a very high cost-effective advantage.

3, safe and firm, the real estate building is reinforced by installing angle iron in the light and installed on the iron frame, so it has very high firmness.

4, the luminous intensity is high, the exposed lamp is not shielded by acrylic, and the direct light is particularly dazzling, which is suitable for long-distance wait and see.

5, saving energy and electricity, all-LED waterproof lamp has low calorific value and power consumption is only 1/10 of that of traditional neon lamp.

6, the maintenance is simple, the LED lamp with exposed characters outside the building has a theoretical service life of 100,000 hours, and it can be replaced directly from the back.

The tenth type: resin luminous characters

Resin luminous character is a new type of LED logo in the advertising industry, which is favored by the majority of brands for its uniform and bright luminous effect, and is often used in the construction of visual identification of high-end commercial brand terminals. Resin luminous characters are divided into epoxy luminous characters and unsaturated resin luminous characters. There are many epoxy luminous characters in the market, and most of them are used in general shopping malls and chain stores.

Application scope of resin luminous characters:

All kinds of brand store signboards, product sales counters, corporate image walls.

Advantages of resin luminous characters:

1. Uniform light emission: The resin layer has a unique uniform light layer and a light transmission layer, which transmit and refract the LED light source, that is, the light source is fully converted and the light source is reasonably distributed;

2. Luminescence and highlight: the light transmittance of resin is higher than 92%, and the white paint painted inside the letter case makes the internal light source fully converted;

3, energy saving and long life: the power consumption rate of each light point of the LED light source is only 0.1w, and the longest service life of the LED can reach 10 hours;

4. Waterproof, dustproof and antistatic: resin word is completely sealed, and its waterproof, dustproof and antistatic properties reach IP68, the highest level.