How much power of led sign letters

LED advertising word in today’s more and more widely used, it also belongs to a kind of electronic equipment are required to use electricity, so we are more concerned about how many watts of led advertising word problem, the following to find the days of knowledge of the advertisement, Xiaobian take you to understand some. At the same time, also brought the advantages of outdoor light-emitting letters, as well as what are the characteristics of the introduction of led advertising.


First, how many watts of led advertising word

1, l we exposed light-emitting word signage as an example, a square meter of exposed light source required is about 350 lamp beads, 9mm monochrome exposed light, then a square of exposed light-emitting word power consumption 35W, the conventional signage area in 3-5 square meters.

2, and so on, a signboard power power between 105w-185w, 10 hours a day to calculate the light, the signage daily power consumption is about 1050w-1850w.


Second, the advantages of outdoor light-emitting word

1, outdoor light-emitting word, building light-emitting word font light weight and easy to transport and install and ordinary installation of tin word, copper word, the same way, both individually into the word installed in the air, but also relying on the backboard modeling installation, unlike the installation of neon lights that require professional staff to operate.

2, outdoor light-emitting word green lighting, safety and power saving, applicable to a wide range: 6V to 36V ultra-low voltage power supply, the font will not heat, to avoid all the hidden dangers caused by high temperature and high pressure, all store ads can be installed, especially suitable for neon lights are not allowed to install and high heat lamps and lanterns (such as petrol stations, gas stations and premises) in sensitive places safe to use than neon lamps to save more than 80% of the electricity.

Third, what are the characteristics of led advertising

1, the size of the constraints: led advertising word general display size do not have to worry about, and the word is subject to the constraints of the blister machine. Too big a word needs to be spliced, so that the word are beautiful, there are certain connection marks.

2, due to the uniformity of luminous, due to the absorption of plastic characters by the limitations of the size of the strokes, the general module can not be installed in the strokes, so there will be a word brightness and localized different situations. External light-emitting characters installed on a single led lamp so that led exposed light-emitting characters do not exist (unless the lamp is broken).

3, the brightness of the comparison reveals the luminous word, because led advertising light is exposed, it is not affected by other things, so the brightness is higher than the blister luminous word.


The biggest feature of LED three-dimensional luminous characters:
1. At night, the font is bright and eye-catching (installing a new type of ultra bright light source with a long service life, making it emit a dazzling light with the color of the acrylic board).
2. Strong three-dimensional sense (the thicker the wall panel is placed, the stronger the three-dimensional sense).
3. Bright colors (choose acrylic panels of various colors at will, and mix the colors of wall panels and panels at will).

The production method of LED luminous characters:
Step 1: Calculate the number of LED modules: Using an evenly spaced layout, simulate the distribution of LED modules on a computer, and preliminarily estimate the required number of LED modules. The visual brightness of the module spacing needs to be between 3-6cm, and the thickness of the luminous text can be selected between 5-18cm.

Step 2>>Calculate the total power consumption, select power supply: Budget the number of LED light source modules × The power of a single module=the total power consumption. It is recommended to leave room for power supply selection and use it at 80% of the rated power. Choose a regular or waterproof power supply according to the usage environment.

Step 3>>Install the module: ① Clean the installation surface; ② Stick double-sided adhesive to the bottom of the module; ③ Evenly arrange and connect the wires; ④ Install the letter slot panel and measure the effect; ⑤ Final product